Ahmad Al-Rehawi

Ahmad Al-Rehawi

Has a degree in Media from Damascus University.

He has worked in the field of journalism and media since 2006.

He produced and presented a number of news programmes on Alaan TV channel in Dubai in 2010-2018 where he hosted a large number of officials and experts specialized in Arabic and the international affairs.

He presented many programmes on Alaan TV channel (Today, Studio Now, More Than a Title, Special Meeting) in addition to detailed news and bulletins, including the Main Midnight Bulletin.

He was part of the Alaan FM team and he played a major role in developing its structure, programmes and bulletins which focused on Syrian and Libyan affairs.

He also produced and presented programmes such as Masa Al Khair Syria, Hello Libya and others. He worked in Libya as a media delegate to cover the war.

He contributed there to establishing an office to train and develop Libyan staff to work. Since mid-2011, he has contributed to the promotion of exclusive reports and written and visual materials on a number of Syrian websites.

He also trained a new staff in the Alaan TV, universities internship students on news editing, producing and presenting programmes in addition to the montage and voice over.

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