Jawad Al Omri

Jawad Al Omri

Jawad Al Omri had a degree in Journalism and Media from Yarmouk University- Irbid, Jordan in 1984.

He worked for Jordanian Radio and Television as a political correspondent, an editor, an editor-in-chief, a programme producer and presenter for 10 years.

He worked for Al-Jazeera TV Channel as a first journalist, a first producer, a chief of correspondents section.

He was assigned for the field coverage of the war in Iraq. He also worked for several news outlets and websites such as Sky News TV as an executive editor.

He worked in CNN as the official editor of the Arabic site. He worked for Alaan TV as a consultant and news manager.

He worked in the developing project of Saudi TV channels. He worked in re-launching Orient TV channel. He works as a part-time consultant in the American Research Council (IREX). He developed a large number of news channels.

He launched and supervised political programmes.

He trained newsroom workers in many channels in Jordan, UAE, Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

He set up the basis of work mechanisms and job descriptions for newsrooms. He also made a lot of coverage, programs, reports, documentaries and TV investigative media. He supervised a lot of investigations.

Here are his former positions: an editor, a programs presenter, a political and a war correspondent, a chief of Al-Jazeera bureau in Baghdad, a supervisor of Al-Jazeera correspondents section. He was an advisor in Saudi News Channel and Alaan TV. He worked as an editor-in-chief in CNN Arabic and an executive editor in Sky News Arabia. He was also an entitled trainer for many media organizations. He worked an editor-in-chief in Qatari newspaper Al-Sharq and Jordanian Al-Ghad newspaper. He was also a director of Radio Orient and Radio Farah Al-Nas (Jordan).

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