Shady Nasri

Shady Nasri

Shady Nasri is a Syrian-Spanish photographer.

He was born in 1972. He has 33 years of experience in filming cameras, and 17 years in digital cameras.

In 2007, he became professional and specialized in night and landscape photography.

In 2014, he went into the so-called” fine art of landscape photography”.

In 2015, he turned to a new type of photography using a telescope for near and far space photography.

He has also been an entitled lecturer by Nikon Company at Nikon School since 2016.

He has lectured in night photography, landscape photography and photo editing using Adobe Photoshop since 2011 in many Arab and European countries.

He has won many Arab and international awards.

He organizes photographic trips and landscape photography workshops in many countries such as Spain, Iceland, Italy and the UAE.

He is an aeronautical photographer using drone techniques since 2014 and has won numerous awards in this field.

He is a representative of many international photography companies.

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